Restoring the LI Dream

I’m born and raised here in Long Island. I went to public schools here, and bought my first home in Hicksville when I was 25. I know all too well that the needs of Long Islanders and the American Dream are interchangable: a livable wage, affordable housing, equal access to education, and more importantly—opportunity.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing the American Dream slip away from us. Between rampant corruption in Albany, a federal government that is unresponsive to our needs, and the skyrocketing cost of living, Long Islanders are struggling now more than ever.

As your Assemblyman, I will fight for Long Island by creating and advocating for policies that work for all of us. We must have the resources we need to build infrastructure, and we need to make sure our neighbors can continue living here with affordable housing and a livable wage.



Long Island pays some of the highest property taxes in the Country and the new cap on State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions will affect more than 300,000 Long Island families.

The unnecessary burden on New York and Long Island created by the Federal government’s tax plan is forcing young folk and seniors who have lived on Long Island for their whole lives to relocate to a more affordable area.

As your Assemblymember, I’ll fight for the hard working people of Long Island by pushing for tax relief and state intervention to protect Long Island from burdensome taxes that limit growth and opportunity.



The culture of corruption in New York politics especially on Long Island is hurting families and a disgrace to our Democracy. The recent indictments of GOP politicians in Nassau County, many of whom my opponent is closely aligned with, demonstrates the need for accountability in Albany that does not currently exist.

We need real ethics reform that will punish corrupt politicians for advancing their personal and big-money donor interests that help the few and harm New Yorkers. As your Assemblymember, I will support legislative initiatives that make it harder for politicians to abuse their power. I’ll also work to close the LLC loophole, ban the use of campaign funds for personal use, and push for greater oversight on spending.



Education is a lifelong investment in our youth, and we need to make sure we’re investing in the youth of Long Island, period. Every student, no matter their background, should have equal access to a quality education.

We must invest in our public schools, which are so drastically underfunded— we cannot and should not redirect funds to charter schools. Students and teachers deserve better from Albany, and once elected, I will work to give our children the education they need and deserve by listening to the concerns and needs of students and teachers within the public school system.



I’ve been a proud member of the New York Glaziers Local 1087 for over 10 years. Strong unions mean a stronger middle class. We have seen an unprecedented attack on the labor movement and workers rights with the Supreme Court’s recent Janus case decision.

While NYS and Gov. Cuomo have passed pro-labor legislation to protect workers, we need an Assemblymember on our side actively working to uphold labor rights and fight threats to the dignity and safety of our workers. I strongly support the $15 minimum wage, opportunities to unionize in the public and private sectors, as well as workplace protections from harsh conditions and discrimination.


We must invest in Long Island. In the Assembly, I will fight to help fund infrastructure projects to revitalize and modernize roads, transit systems, and downtown areas. Construction projects will create jobs on Long Island. Schools in our area are some of the best in the country and should be treated as such. We must invest in schools, with technology and preservation, because they are the future of our community. Bringing more technology to Long Island will create jobs and opportunity.

Gun Violence

Gun violence has plagued communities throughout the Nation for far too long—and it appears to be getting worse. As of June, there have already been over 150 mass shootings in the United States in 2018. New York already has comparatively strict laws regulating firearms, there are other common-sense solutions that could be added to ease this crisis and protect New Yorkers. We must fund research on gun violence and treat it as a public health crisis and work to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

These proposals include authorizing a court to issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) to prevent those who become a danger to others or themselves from purchasing or possessing a firearm, banning bump stock devices, and expanding background checks from 3 days to 10 days. The ERPO bill has already been passed in the Assembly, with my opponent voting against it, and is being held up in the Senate. I will fight to ensure that this and other bills, which combat gun violence, become law.


Protecting the Environment

As a coastal region, Long Island is susceptible to damage from global warming and rising sea levels. I hope to bring new initiatives that work to reduce pollution, littering, and water contamination. We have to bring clean and renewable energy jobs to Long Island

The aquifers that provide our drinking water must be protected at all costs.

As your Assemblyman, I will block any law that compromises the environmental safety of Long Islanders, including the proposal to reopen certain water wells in Queens. Our district covers the Bethpage Plume which is contaminating our soil and water without much responsibility from Grumman, the Navy, and the Federal Government. They must be held accountable and provide the proper funding to prevent the growth of the plume and clean up the contamination.



The Long Island Rail Road is rapidly decaying and causing constant delays and cancellations which are negatively impacting the commute for thousands of middle-class Long Islanders who rely on public transportation daily. In Albany, I will hold the LIRR and MTA accountable and work with them to provide proper funding for repair projects that are much needed.